hey pothead…

can you follow my twitter https://twitter.com/#!/ABongNearYou or @ABongNearYou  please it will mean a lot to me. tweet me that you came from my tumblr and ill shout you out, its a win, win no? lol - pass the blunt 

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hey pothead sorry i haven’t post anything new my laptop crashed a while ago and i haven’t had time to fix it. thanks to everyone that is still with me and liking the page, and thanks for the people that are applying to the hotbox if you want to apply click here. dont forget to tell us your high moment story here (dont forget to add a tittle). 

in other new i made a twitter account don’t forget to follow it @ABongNearYou

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run-for-fit said:
Hey I was wondering what i had to do to get a spot on your hotbox page :)

you have to be a weed blog and put a link in your blog (:

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fuckonbeachesgetmoney said:
I love your fucking BLOG

- thanks dude it means a lot

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Hey guys I still haven’t gotten my laptop fix but I’m making a twitter account soon but pls tell us your high story sorry guys I wish I can smoke a blunt with all my followers to make it up

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Anonymous said:
I don't own a banjo, but I just watched a bunch of banjo videos with my bong on youtube and I think I can play it now.

Ahaha try it and let us know

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b-ak3d said:


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Update may 29 2012

Hey guys sorry I haven’t post anything new my laptop screen crack and I’m using my phone I’m still gonna post high story so tell us about them (:

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by : http://6aintshitwithout9.tumblr.com/

by : http://6aintshitwithout9.tumblr.com/

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Anonymous said:
how do I join hotbox??

weed blogs only if you wanna be in it let me know. (you need to put a link anywhere in your blog) it would help a lot )

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Anonymous said:
I just got super high and made a grilled cheese. But after two bites I realized I didn't take the wrapper off the cheese. : ( I'm so upset.

omg thats so sad :/ 

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Anonymous said:
I'm going on a road trip tomorrow, and can't get any weed before I go. How can I get weed in the city we're going to?

with out a medical card i think the best thing you can do is look around to see if people are smoking weed sorry but with a medical card you can download this app called potlocator it will show all the dispensaries around you or you can even go online http://legalmarijuanadispensary.com/ they tell you where it is and what they have… let me know how it goes.

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